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A wide range of window tinting services provided by Bradfords leading glass tinting company

Tinttek provide an extremely 'Competitive priced service' offering GUARANTEED installations by experienced installers, delivered to the highest standard.

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Specialising in automotive tinting, Tinttek cater for all types of vehicles, offering a variety of shades with different light transmission levels. You can choose from a very light subtle tint to a very dark tint, achieving maximum heat rejection.

Along with enhancing the look of your veichle, installing window film has many other benefits.

Decreases Heat: The films we use are extremely efficient at controlling the effects of solar energy, reducing heat by up to 60%

Reduce Fading: Solar radiation, including heat, sunlight and UV rays cause damage to car interiors. Window film acts like a sunscreen by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays.

Increased Safety: Almost all of today’s cars are fitted with tempered glass, In the unfortunate event of an accident, the glass can shatter into thousands of tiny peaces, and become a major hazard to you and your passengers. Once window film is a applied, Broken glass will be held in place, not showering the occupants.

Increased Security: To a thief, a window is an open door to the valuables locked inside. Your costly possessions can all be gone in a matter of minutes. Our windows films with hold the broken glass firmly within the window frame after breaking, making a theft task significantly more difficult, and can often deter them altogether.

Cut Glare: Whatever the cause, Direct sun, reflections from wet roads, window film is an ideal solution to combat annoying glare.

Aesthetic enhancement: Tinting your vehicle is no doubt one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, creating a look that is uniformed yet elegant, giving your vehicle an air of distinction.

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Tinttek supply and professionally install a range of tinting options for your residential requirements

Our trained installers will professionally fit window film to the inside of your existing windows. Many films are optically clear, meaning they’re virtually undetectable inside or out. Others offer a tint or reflectivity that increases your privacy and enhances the look of your home. Maintenance is worry-free. Simply clean windows as you normally would.

Once installed window films can save significantly on energy costs, maintain a safer and more comfortable home and reduce interior fading. the benefits keep coming year after year

There are a number of tint shades available to suit everyone’s requirements. These include colours to compliment your home, and tints which provide increased heat reduction and Protection against harmful UV rays.

Benefits include:

Superior work backed with a lifetime guarantee IMAGESuperior work backed with a lifetime guarantee

Highest quality Window Film Bullet IMAGEHighest quality Window Film

Unbeatable value IMAGEUnbeatable value

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Environmentally Friendly Tints World ImageStay green and Reduce utility costs

An increasing number of businesses are interested in helping our environment and preserving precious resources. You can make a difference everyday simply by reducing your air conditioning usage. Our window film installations help you do that by rejecting heat and keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable.

By running your air conditioning less, you consume less energy, reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utilities.

Increase productivity: Once installed our window film help maintain a more comfortable and productive working environment, by reducing glare and hot spots.

Reduce interior fading and protect: Ultraviolet light and solar heat coming through any window can cause fading and irreparable damage to the things you value most. Everything from your expensive artwork and furnishings, to hardwood floors and carpets are at risk – and even more important, so is your skin. Our films help by filtering visible light, rejecting solar heat and blocking over 99% of harmful UV light – significantly reducing your potential for damage and protecting you and your employees.

Improve Security: To a thief, a broken window is an open door to the valuables locked inside. Your business merchandise and other costly possessions can all be gone in a matter of minutes. Tinttek supply security films that will make the windows in your building significantly difficult to shatter, holding the broken glass firmly within the window frame after breaking.

A range of competitive prices offering all your window tinting needs.

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